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On Hiatus


Hey everyone! Sorry for the state of non-communication over this past year. Life has thrown me a few curve-balls from my own accident to losing my Nana to watching my dad battle stage 4 esophogial cancer having to put my dog to sleep to many other things. In the midst of this chaos, blogging has not been a priority. And frankly, I’ve been enjoying just cooking and creating for myself and my boyfriend (the one good outcome of this past year!) rather than forcing new recipe development.

Lately, though, I’ve been missing sharing my creations and connecting with fellow foodies and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. So I won’t be gone forever, I just need to re-tool, refresh, and find my inspiration again. In the meantime, I’m leaving my site up so you can grab what recipes you want and enjoy them on your own table.

Bon appetit!

Crianza Viña Amézola 2009 Rioja

Crianza Viña Amézola 2009 Rioja - Colleen's Kitchen

This week I’m taking you to Spain. Not just anywhere in Spain, though, we’re going to Rioja.

Rioja is perhaps the most well known wine region in Spain, and deservedly so. Located in norther Spain near the Cantabrian Mountains, the region is isolated and protected from the sea winds by the mountains. Red wines from this area are primarily Tempranillo, although most blend in small amounts of other grapes such as Garnacha Tinta, Graciano, and Mazuelo.

Crianza Viña Amézola 2009 Rioja - Colleen's Kitchen

The 2009 Rioja from Viña Amézola is a well-balanced blend of 85% Tempranillo, 10% Mazuelo, and 5% Graciano. Smooth, fruity, and spicy, it’s a perfect pairing with my Slow Cooker Rioja Red Potato and Chicken Chorizo Stew. I love to use it in the stew as well, it creates a delicious, complex and rich broth for the creamy red potatoes and spicy chorizo chicken sausage.

What are you pouring tonight?

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